Maltego Transforms | OSINT | Truepeoplesearch Local Transforms

5 June 2017

I just released some new local Maltego transforms for and wanted to go through some things about them in this post.

First, is a relatively newish site for getting some details about a person of interest. It also has some surprisingly great results about the person, so, if you haven't done so already, I would recommend you request your records be removed.

I wanted to build some quick transforms that were able to extract all the data you can find on, so, with that, I built a transform set for Maltego that can currently grab:

  • Current Address
  • Previous Known Addresses
  • Phone Number
  • Email Addresses
  • Possible Relatives
  • Possible Known Associates
  • Current/Past Places of Employment

Screenshot of sample results:

A typical workflow looks something like this:

  • A user uses my updated "Person" entity, which supports the new property field called "Address". It's basically the same entity, but, I just add a new property called Address to filter search results.
  • You can either use it without an address supplied and get all locations returned, or, if you supply a location in the format of "City, State", will only return results from that location. *Although, this appears to not work as well as intended, may take some additional tweaking.
  • When you run the "List Matches" transform, you will be given new Person entities, one for each match. These entities will contain a new property value called "URL", which contains the URL to their results.
  • The new results will have the person's name, along with their location underneath, so you can attempt to narrow down your findings and get a better idea if it's the target you are interested in.
  • From there, you have the whole suite of transforms to use on the new Person entity.


  • You need to have requests and BeautifulSoup installed. Which can be done through pip install requests and pip install beautifulsoup


  • Grab the .mtz file I have hosted on my github, here.
  • Import this .mtz file into Maltego, by going to the top-left icon, then Import, then Import Configuration.
  • Grab the Python code from my Github for the transforms.
  • Move the truepeoplesearch folder to /opt/Maltego *You'll most likely need to create this folder first

That should be all you need to get going, if you run into any issues or have bug reports/issues, please shoot them to me at, or on twitter @brian_warehime, or file an issue in Github.